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Legal services for companies

Legal consultancy

consultancy • mediation • representation in court and at arbitral tribunals

We provide comprehensive consultancy services in all areas of law.
We provide supportin case of disputes, in courtas well as duringthe compilation of contracts. Wherever possible, we try to enforce your justified interests outside the courts. In this manner,the expenses and risks associated with protracted court proceedings can be avoided.

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Fast results and minimised risks !

Disputes in courts play a significantly smaller role in modern law practice than is often assumed.Rather, the task often is to ensure by means of professional legal representation that your justified claims are enforced in as speedy and uncomplicateda manner as possible. Our strategy therefore is to achieve positive signalling effect with your dispute partners at an early stage, in order to prepare an agreement out of court.

  • Significantly reduced time requirements compared to protracted court proceedings
  • Lower risks than if dispute is brought to court
  • Speedy clarification of your case provides you with room for manoeuvre

Contract negotiations and drafting of contracts

Transparent and legally watertight

Our experienced lawyers will also be at your side during the drafting of contracts.Here, hidden risks and problem areas which may have been overlooked before will be identified.  Together with you, we will develop optimum solutions.

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Mediation in private law

Solutions in mutual trust

Mediation is a method of constructively solving conflicts, where two parties in dispute develop a balancing solution with the help of a neutral third party (mediator).


In particular in situations where theparties involved are forced to continue their relations for professional or private reasons, this type of dispute resolution usually leads to more satisfactory results than, for instance, court action. This is because this method also takes into consideration details which are legally irrelevant, but nevertheless are of substantial importance for those involved. Often, misunderstandings or hurt feelings, which at first glance are not associated with the object of the dispute, are the real reason for the conflict.


Mediation - tried and tested in business and private life

Mediation is frequently used in companies and commerce if conflicts arise between employees and employers, superiors and subordinates.
In the past, outstanding results have also been reached with regard to disputes between business partners, neighbours, tenants and landlords as well as in the private field in family conflicts or in victim-offender mediation.

Representation in court

If judicial action cannot be avoided

Out-of-court proceedings do not always lead to the desired result.
We will be pleased to explain to you the objectives which can be reached through court proceedings in your specific case, and will make you aware of any potential associated risks. In court, your lawyer will diligently coordinate every step with you, and will develop a suitable strategy which promises success for your case.