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Emrullah Bülbül

Paralegal under German law Emrullah Bülbül



Emrullah Bülbül was born in Nuremberg in 1984. After his professional training, which he began in 2003 in our law firm and completed successfully due to above-average performance in 2006, he worked as a Paralegal under German Law and translator at various branches of our law firm until 2012. He decided on a new co-operation with our law firm after he had worked with several different professional companies. Since the beginning of 2017 he has been supporting us from Turkey in his capacity as a freelance employee in various areas of responsibility.


Focus Areas: secretariat, translation


Correspondence Language:

German, Turkish, English


Mr. Bülbül is available at following offices:


Nuremberg: Tel.: +49-(0)-911-37 66 76 - 63 • Fax: +49-(0)-911-37 66 76 - 66


Istanbul: Tel.: +90-(0)-212-355 89 52 • Fax: +90-(0)-212-355 89 51


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