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Valentina Kreimer

Paralegal under German law Valentina Kreimer



Ms. Valentina Kreimer was born in 1962 in the Ukraine and spent several years in Poland. She has been employed at gençer & coll. since 2005.

Originally trained in music education, Ms. Kreimer began her certification as a paralegal in September 2008, which she completed with honors. She has been a member of our office team since 2010, where she also assists in the German-Russian and German-Polish departments.



Focus Areas: foreclosure law, secretariat, translation


Correspondence Language:

German, Russian, Polish


Ms. Kreimer is available at following offices:


Nuremberg: Tel.: +49-(0)-911-37 66 76 - 63 • Fax: +49-(0)-911-37 66 76 - 66


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